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   s tWThe question now is, given all the changes and pressures occurring in the news broadcast industry, whether a culture of journalism still exists at the networks to surmount these obstacles and achieve real “brand” quality. Can a new generation of stars with journalistic experience, authority and skill emerge from the plethora of feature prime-time magazine programming to match the quality of the now-aging cohort of network stars? Do the networks still have the patience to support a high quality news program such as “Nightline” or “60 Minutes” through years—not to mention a decade—of losing money until it builds a loyal audience base? And, more importantly, will any of the networks invest what it takes to fulfill their commitment to comprehensively informing the public about the major issues and events of our time once they have established new bonds with viewers?S i W

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    您的当前位置: 首 页 > 关于我们 > 公司大事件
    • 2009年---公司成立



    • 2011年---公司新产品研发进入快车轨道


    • 2012年---公司继续加大研发力度,把主要精力放在钢结构精密工作台上


    • 2013年---公司集中精力进行产品优化


    • 2014年---公司决定开发全新的产品系列


    • 2015年---公司开发全新的产品系列


    • 2016年---公司搬迁成功



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